Why online payments became essential in the year 2020

The year 2020 has a lot of challenges to overcome. It is difficult enough to try to survive by avoiding getting infected, and then one has to find ways and means to bring in the income. Some do get to continue their work from home, but many others have their businesses placed in jeopardy. Even some of the branches of the government in certain countries had to shut down. The streets became empty as there were places with a no-movement order. The airports closed and there were no flights. Even the shipping industry stopped its movement. The price of oil dropped to below zero, as there was an oversupply. Borders got closed and that brought about the shutting down of many tourist spots also. Hotels were empty while some of the tourists who got stuck in the area were unable to leave for a very long time.


Internet connection 

The utilities continued their services yet most people realized that power and water are not enough. There is a need for internet connection so that they may continue making financial transactions, among other things. The need to order food and supplies required making an online payment though there are some establishments that provided the COD option. It was also vital to be connected to the internet for people to keep in touch with family and friends using their social networking sites.

A boom in certain business 

One of the businesses that boomed during the earlier part of 2020 was that of streaming movie subscriptions. Industries like these experience a massive increase in new account holders. There was a need for entertainment to fill the long hours while having to stay at home for safety reasons. By making an online payment, the person can be subscribed to the service of the streaming movie watch their choice of movies, documentaries, or even a television series. 


There were also a lot of people who wanted reading material. Downloading an e-book can be easily done by accessing one of the many online bookstores. There are also online newspapers that at times, allow you to read a few papers for free, and then, it requires the person to sign up for a subscription to be able to continue reading. Games were also downloaded and many of these required an online payment for the person to be able to purchase virtual tools, gems, and the like. 

Mobile devices 

There are millions of people who now use their mobile devices more often than they do their computers. A mobile device is used for more than communication as it can provide entertainment, connectivity with others, and can be used as an e-wallet. For those who need to make an online payment as more people had to use shopping sites to purchase their groceries and supplies, there was a need to use payment instruments such as their credit card or debit card. Bank transfers were also accepted as payments in many e-commerce websites and apps. It is now necessary for many areas to have the ability to make an online payment as there are now more and more establishments that no longer accept cash as transactions have to be made through their websites.